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Ulrike Welsch

"Photography was first a Hobby - it became my Passion for Life!"

Born and educated in postwar Germany, Ms. Welsch arrived 1964 in the USA.
In Germany she was a trained druggist-chemist, where she specialized in Photography.
In America she started to capture people and places with her camera and soon had her images published by the Christian Science Monitor and The Boston Globe.

1966- 1971, became first woman staff-photographer with the Boston Herald Traveler
1972 - 1981, joined the Boston Globe, during which time she was named
“Press Photographer of the Year” by the New England Press Photographers Assoc..
1975, she and the Boston Globe Team were awarded a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Boston Busing.
Her Human Interest images changed the looks of Boston dailies.
1978/79, photographed “Rituals in the Andes” in South America.

1981 joined the ranks of Freelance Photographers and since then
manages her stock-photo archive and travels internationally.
Exhibits and lectures throughout New England.
1981, photographed an aid mission of King Bhumibol in Northern Thailand
and the life in a Cambodian Refugee Camp Khao-I-Dang;
1981, as one of 100 chosen photographers, she participated in the project:
A Day in the Life of Australia
1977-1987, lectured at the Center for Lifelong Learning, Harvard University.
1994, had a One Woman Show at the Kodak Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.
1999-2002 published North Shore Calendars

Ms Welsch has published to date 13 solo picture books
starting with Kids of Colombia in 1974,
The World I Love to See in 1977 and the Second edition in 1981,
Faces of New England (1983), for Yankee Books,
Stock Photography (1999)
In 2000 she started with Commonwealth Edition on a series of regional
Marblehead (2000),
Boston Rediscovered (2002),
Boston's North Shore (2003),
Revolutionary Sites of Greater Boston (2005)
New England Rediscovered (2006)
Boston at its Best (2007)
Salem at its Best (2008)
Cambridge at its Best (2008)
In 2009 together with the US Photo Group she produced
Through the Eyes of Ulrike Welsch an e-Book CD/DVD
of her treasured Human Interest images (black& white) with their stories.
Ms. Welsch resides North of Boston, Massachusetts

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