David Parsons(non-registered)
Congratulations uli on your Lifetime Achievement Award from the Boston Press Photographers Association. Well deserved!! Your images are stunning.
Angel Rodriguez(non-registered)
It was a pleasure chatting with you of life and art... be well
Peter King(non-registered)
Enjoyed your photography.
Woody Johnson(non-registered)
As a kid at Sanborn Western Camps, you inspired me to a lifetime enjoyment of photography. I loved seeing the slideshow on your website. Your work brings the beauty of nature into fun and creative artwork.
Researching you after I found "The World I Love to See" in the library at my university. Such a joy looking at your photos!
Juan Cardenas(non-registered)
Love your photo of gary Ziegler and David Espejo during the explorations at Vilcabamba region.
Jennifer West(non-registered)
Love your pictures of Iceland. Thank you for sharing
Rebecca Prescott(non-registered)
Lovely photography. Hope to see you again in class. Thank you for sharing. :)
Lloyd & Kae Baker(non-registered)
We fell in love with your artwork of the VW Beetle with dog on the Christmas card. I have a black Beetle & 2 big black rescue dogs. I sent/gave 200 cards & received many wonderful comments. Gave many smiles. Thank you :-)
Kathy Estrada(non-registered)
Your black and white picture of the dog driving the VW Bug in the snow hits my heart. My mom and dad (in their 90s) found your xmas card! A truly amazing picture. Our lives have been touched by many dogs and to think of one driving to get a tree makes me (and my mom and dad) smile. Thank you! Happy Holidays to you.
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