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Rebecca Prescott(non-registered)
Lovely photography. Hope to see you again in class. Thank you for sharing. :)
Lloyd & Kae Baker(non-registered)
We fell in love with your artwork of the VW Beetle with dog on the Christmas card. I have a black Beetle & 2 big black rescue dogs. I sent/gave 200 cards & received many wonderful comments. Gave many smiles. Thank you :-)
Kathy Estrada(non-registered)
Your black and white picture of the dog driving the VW Bug in the snow hits my heart. My mom and dad (in their 90s) found your xmas card! A truly amazing picture. Our lives have been touched by many dogs and to think of one driving to get a tree makes me (and my mom and dad) smile. Thank you! Happy Holidays to you.
Isabelle K. Brown(non-registered)
You are my favorite photographer and your slide show here is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for allowing us (the public) to view it!
Thank you very much.

As an artist, could I paint from one of them????
I wokred for the Herald from '65 to '70. I was in the Supply dept, but frequently hung out in the Photo dept. Obviously new Dick, Rocky, Ron Donovan(he photographed my wedding) and I believe it was Jummy(who) was starting to learn how to do color for the paper. I also of course knew you very well. Just came across you in FB. Brought back a lot of memories. Has one of your photos of sailboats Bw that you printed for me,,,very large Had it for many years.. Brought back many memories seeing your name. Hope allid well.
Martha Pearson(non-registered)
Dear Ulrike,
I grew up near Boston, but have lived in Northern California most of the time since 1969.
My mom and I were fans of your photography in the Globe, and she sent me clippings of many over the years. One of my favorite books of photographs is, "The World I Love to See", which she sent me about 37 years ago!
She died in 2010, so I'm glad to have our shared enjoyment of your photographs in my memories.
Jean Jacquemart (Holland)(non-registered)
Love your work, some of the pictures brought tears to my eyes. Today I bought two of your books online. Thank you!
Ted Brock,47(non-registered)
Purchased "Boys with a glove" 30 yrs ago at a yard sale. Just now researching the artist... I love it even more now.
I just learned about you from a fantastic Christmas card I received. It was a Papyrus card of your photograph "Fritz: Hungarian Pointer in Volkswagen with Christmas Tree". I loved it and am excited to view more of your work. Merry Christmas!
Kathy Doherty(non-registered)
I have your four puppies, photographers' choice, here, and enjoy them!
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