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Created 24-Jul-13
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Summer day at Devereux Beach Marblehead, MA: CLMhdBea1_10Marblehead Harbor at sunset from Crocker Park: IMG_0215Hello from Crocker Park, Marblehead, MA: P1030179Dancing at the Fiesta in Santa Cruz, on the Altiplano, Bolivia: CBF1_12Children in Barcelona Kindergarden, Spain: SPC1_9Reindeer herder's children on the move, Northern Mongolia: MPgRei.4_14Squirrel in home made bird feeder in New England: P1060299Firstgrader on first day to school with her "Schultuete", Germany:  GEL2_5Re-enactment at Old North Bridge: 859_5969Wirehair Pointer cooling off:  P1070099Cow Friends, South Tyrol, Italy:  P1090918The Geisler Group, South Tyrol: IMG228Winter Garden: 892_9300Kronosaurus display: IMG_3120Clouds overAlaska Wilderness: IMG_4157Kayaking between icebergs: IMG_4243Shades of Green: IMG_4404Great Sand Dunes : CLCoSD3_12Swallowtailed Gull : P1000335Marine Iguana Friends : IMG_3215

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