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Created 26-Jul-13
20 photos

Frosted Kitten:  34Fritz: Hungarian Pointer in Volkswagen with Christmas TreeBirdsOverheadDuck Crossing:  97Geese Heading to Church: 142Bird at Fountain:  4Silhuetted Horses: 123Jersey Cows Licking:117Dog Sharing Chicken's Chow: 121Appaloosa - DSC05034Iceland Horses necking, iceland: P1030354Squirrel in home made bird feeder in New England: P1060299Curious Kitten IMG_2600On Icefloat, but safe:858_5856Icecream Cone for Dachshund - IMG_1184North American Cardinal:  P1060311Southern Crested Caracara - DSC07640Cormorant - DSC06408Mule Deer - P1030518juvenile Elephant Seals in Año Nuevo State Reserve, California: 867_6722

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