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Created 12-Mar-13
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Abstract stairs in Department Store - MG_0014Firstgrader on first day to school with her Schultüte, Germany GEL2_5Sculpture in town square of the the brothers Grimm, Hanau, Germany: IMG_9104GPGTrad2_13Flock of sheep at Lighthouse along Elbe river near Hamburg, Germany: GLGL.N.ALGL.NoInterior  walkway and reflections of DER REICHSTAG, Berlin: IMG_0046Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechnis Kirch at night, Berlin, Germany: GL.B2_13The New Palace in Potsdam, Berlin, Germany: GLBpots4_6Oberbaum Brücke, Berlin: GL.B.15_12Firstgrader on first day to school with his Schultüte, Germany: GEL1_17Café-Restaurant sign in Bavaria: GArDet2_8GLBavAlp16_11Field of Rape/Canola in North/Eastern Germany:  IMG_0322Poppy Field: IMG_0258Carousel at October fest, München / Munich, Germany: GPGOkt3_17Wallfahrtskirche St Johannes der Taeufer, Raisting, Bavaria, next to the Erdfunkstelle, Germany: GIn6_10Beautiful Rose: IMG_0092

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