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Created 29-Mar-13
14 photos

Sea Lions in Monterey Harbor, California: 866_6646Fish and Starfish in Monterey Aquarium, California: 862_6238Painter in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve,near Carmel,  California 864_6434Cypress at Big Sur, California: CLCAcoa.1_1juvenile Elephant Seals in Año Nuevo State Reserve, California: 867_6722Pelicans of Big Sur, California: 864_6490Shoreline in bloom, Monterey, California: 869_6928Jelley Fish Dance in Monterey Aquarium, California: 869_6910Garden Gate, Carmel, California: 869_6947_2Old Boat becomes art, Monterey, California: 866_6639Interior of Carmel Mission, Carmel, California: 863_6333Two Thule Elks at Point Reyes, California: 867_6799Hilly Landscape near Salinas, California: 868_6893juvenile Elephant Seals in Año Nuevo State Reserve, California: 867_6722

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