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Created 7-Apr-13
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Alaska Tundra in Autumn: IMG_0243Alaska's Rockies in Autumn: IMG_0239Hiker approaching mountain: IMG_3584Mountains near Wrangell National Park, Alaska: IMG_3976Art from the Air, Mountains near Wrangell Elias, National Park, Alaska: IMG_3960Mountain tops near Wrangell Elias National Park : IMG_4377Alaskan Rockies: IMG_4381Mountain reflection in McCarthy, near kennicott, Alaska: IMG_4060Fall Hike in rain in the Kenai  mountains, Alaska : IMG_3848Rafting in the rapids, Kenai, Alaska: IMG_3827Overlook, Alaska: IMG_3948River Rafting in Alaska: IMG_0010.180Morning Clouds over inlet near Valdez, Alaska: IMG_4159Rain Clouds fly: IMG_4152Author at Columbia Glacier ice field, Alaska: IMG_4213Columbia Glacier Run off, near Valdez, Alaska: IMG_4182Kayaking near Columbia Glacier and its icebergs, Alaska: IMG_4270Icebergs near Valdez, Alaska: IMG_4255Icebergs near Columbia Glacier, Alaska: IMG_4256Kayaking between icebergs: IMG_4243

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