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Created 11-May-19
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Estancia Nibepo Aike - DSC06981Shearing Sheep the old fashion way - DSC08462Pampa Pattern in Patagonia - DSC07040Juvenile Night Heron - DSC07008Long Tailed Meadow Lark - DSC07691Lago Argentino at El Calafate, - DSC08261Chiloe Widgeon - DSC08670Colorful March in Lago Argentino - DSC08283Southern Lapwing - DSC08230Herding Challenge, El Calafate - DSC07352Herding Challenge, El Calafate - DSC07400Black Faced Ibis - DSC07109Lupines in El Calafate - DSC08824Good Dogs in El Calafate - DSC08821fog over Cerro Fitz Roy  - DSC08615The Author at the Laguna de Los Tres - DSC08665the Laguna de Los Tres -  DSC07475First Light on Fitz Roy - DSC07545Reflection of Fitz Roy Massif in first light - DSC07576KHiking with Tour guide  Fitz Roy in distance - DSC08694

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