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Created 29-Mar-13
8 photos

Scene in historic village Chinchero, Peru: PL.CuR7_2Queshua and Spaniars compete during reenactment of Arranque del Condor, Ancash Peru: PPgFR4_1Couple dancing during Canaval in Ancash, Peru: PPgFR7_9Women dressed for Fiesta of Arranque del Condor , during carneval, Ancash Peru: PPGPeas2_17Antropologist Gary Ziegler examining morser stone with native in Vilcabamba region, Peru: PPGInc4_3Peasant woman on market in Chinchero, Peru: PPG.Peas3_1Girl dressed in regional garb during folklorico parade in Lima, Peru: PPgFR15_13Musician's meal in Andes: PPgFR8_9

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