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Created 13-Mar-13
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Painted Palouse - DSC05045Rockport Harbor,  Massachusetts: 871_7191Sunset at Rock Harbor,, - 100_006Nor' Easter: Beaver ITSBer1PptThe Zakim Bridge at sunrise, Boston, MA: CLBoSky3_14Pope John Paul: 74-PopeJPKronosaurus display, Cambridge, MA: IMG_3120Jackie Kennedy: JackieK2Caroline & John-John KennedyFitz Roy  Massif - -  DSC07551Ansel Adams photographing in Yosemite National Park in 1968: A.Adams 24Moose Cow in Baxter State Park -  IMG_9869RayPhillipsFaceShearing Sheep the old fashion way - DSC08462Herding Challenge, El Calafate - DSC07352The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado - P1030469Mt Kazbek , 16, 515 ft:  DSC04014Sidewalk in Amsterdam - IMG_1828A game of Soccer in the country side, Senegal: SenC3_15

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