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Created 29-Mar-13
38 photos

Bluefooted Boobie: P1000417Bluefooted Boobie: P1000899Lava Cactus growing out of Lava: P1000591Bluefooted Boobie ready for flight :  P1000352Thorns on Cacti in Rain: IMG_3009Redfooted Boobie with Chick: IMG_3531Cacti in Bloom: P1010075Flighless Cormoran: P1000675Sally Lightfoot Crab :  P1000304Flightless Cormoran, P1000642Giant Saddleback Tortoise: P1010138Giant Saddleback Tortoise: P1010122Fur Seal resting on cliff : P1000735Landscape with Cacti on Santiago Island : IMG_3291Marine Iguane returning from Sea, Sally Lightfoot Crab nearby : P1000622Marine Iguana : P1000633Claw of Marine Iguana : P1000662Marine Iguana Friends : IMG_3215Buccaneers Cove, Santiago Island with Monk Rock : IMG_3197Head of Land Iguana : P1000364

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Sharon Lehnert(non-registered)
Colours, clarity and composition make these very striking pictures.
And, of course, the subject.
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