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Created 26-Jul-13
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DSC00235PptArtistic restaurant sign: GArDet2_8Diplomatic Condom Ad: 123_2336Richard Nixon Sculpture: SculptNixonFace on Tree: 902_0215_2Sculpture on Beach Promenade: IMG_0140Selfportrait: IMG_3569Shadow of Biker pushing up-hill: IMG_0322Selfie: IMG_0029Red Lips on River boat: IMG_0669Moving Water: IMG_0739Border Terrier splashing in ocean: DSC00262

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Patricia Bruno(non-registered)
Uli !!!! I just came across your website and spent time exploring your beautiful images. I hope all is well. We are long overdue for a catch-up visit or phone chat !!! All is fibe on this end. Rick says hello. Much love. Pat xo
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