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Created 24-Jul-13
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Three on one Bike : IMG_3819Dakshineswar Kali Temple : IMG_9699Prayer during Durga Puja festival ; IMG_3709Calcutta streetscene with Durga Puja dragon  temple  : IMG_3878Tough Transportation in Calcutta : IMG_0033Sidewalk Clean-Up  : IMG_9658Woman between her Pots and Pans: IMG_9651The Victoria Memorial , Calcutta ; IMG_4208Evening mood near Victoria Memorial : IMG_4186River View  : IMG_4153In their Finest on river promenade : IMG_4163Durga Puja celebration at Hooghly River, : IMG_4271bathing in river : IMG_9692Ganesha in temple  : IMG_3587Tea Harvest in Darjeeling, India  : IMG_4879Ppt©ever burning candles in monastery  : IMG_9214Monk at prayer in Sikkim, India  : MG_5643usHimalaya in Sikkim ; IMG_5116Hiking the Goecha La Trek:  IMG_5183Morning Fog along the Goecha La Trek , Sikkim, INdia  : IMG_5374

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