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Created 24-Jul-13
23 photos

Herder with Sheep in Üüreg Nuur, Western Mongolia: MFCher.1-5PptMongolian Herder with Buttercups: MPgM.1-4Grandfather with Grandson : MP+C.2-5.pptGrowing fast: MC.3_7Shaman of Reindeer People: MPGrei.1_9Bactrian camel : MAn.3_3MFCher.4_18MPC.14_17MFC.4_13MPY.1_3PptMC2_9Yoghurt Man: MAC.2_2MPA.1_7Herding his sheep, Mongolia: MFC.her1_2Karakorum Fresco: Martsy.1_5at Shank Monastery, Mongolia:MPG.R.2_19MR.7_18MR.6_5MRov.1_9Reindeer herder's children on the move, Northern Mongolia: MPgRei.4_14

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