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Created 6-Apr-13
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The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado - P1030469Garden of the Gods rock formations, Colorado Springs, Colorado : IMG_0117Exterior of Chapel at Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado : IMG_0056Lights inside of Chapel of Airforce Academy, Colorado Spring, Colorado : IMG_9969Sculpture outside of Airforce Academy Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado : IMG_0048_2Great Sand Dunes : CLCoSD3_12Great Sand Dunes with Sangre de Christo Mountains, Colorado : CLCo_2The Great Sand Dunes with the Sangre de Christo Mountains, Southern Colorado : CLCo_3Windmill at Wilkerson Pass, Colorado : IMG_0100In the Rockies, Colorado : IMG_0074Inside of a TP tent, Colorado : IMG_0230Former Mine along Million Dollar Highway, Colorado : IMG_0401Fall Scape with Iron in soil near Silverton, Colorado : IMG_0394Aspen trees in Fall, near Durango, Colorado : IMG_0339Small House surrounded by Fall Colors, Silverton, Colorado : IMG_0391River with Iron sediments, Colorado : IMG_0406River with Iron sediments in Colorado near Silverton : IMG_0412Fall scene Southern Colorado : IMG_0437Southern Colorado : IMG_0462Mule Deer - P1030518

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