Photography New Hampshire, "how I did it"

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Photography New Hampshire,  the story behind the picture

Annual Balloon Festival in Pittsfield, New Hampshire

I arrived late on a Saturday afternoon and balloons were not rising anymore. To get a good photo, I needed to be there early in the morning when the air is light and balloons can rise. I quickly secured an over-night a few miles away, to be back in town after dawn.
The balloons were in a field close to the Suncock River Reservoir. A main road runs directly next to this waterway and I secured a spot with the hope the balloons would rise close by. More and more people were coming with the same idea. But I did not want people in the foreground, only the water. I placed myself low on the embankment directly at waters edge and waited.
The morning evolved just perfect with lovely warm light and a gentle fog. With my 20mm wide angle lens at the ready, I let the balloons float closer and closer towards me. I loved especially the one with the Elephant, which came real low almost touching the water. That was my moment. Click! Being low gave also the reflections of the basket and other balloons. I took many more images, but this still is my favorite today.
Often judges have criticized that I have cut in on the balloons’ tops. A factor I do not mind, because it gives the feeling of being between the balloons. The photo is the way I took it, full frame and no further computer changes. It was taken with Kodachrome film, before my digital time.

Festival dates for 2024 are August 2 - August 4.


Pittsfield Ballon Fest: 6 - 881_8112Pittsfield Ballon Fest: 6 - 881_8112the annual Balloon Fest in Pittsfield, NH
an early morning rise over Whites Pond
Ulrike Welsch © 2024


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